They’re both cold, they both have benefits, so what is the difference? Well, for starters, with Whole Body Cryotherapy, you are spending less than a sixth of the time in temperatures three times colder than you would in a regular ice bath. Not only are you more comfortable and dry, but you're also reaping a lot more benefits using Cryotherapy.

As a result of Whole Body Cryotherapy, your body goes through a process called vasodilation, enriching your blood with enzymes and nutrients in your core before pumping it back throughout your body. In an ice bath however, muscle tissue begins to freeze and your body must “thaw” for up to a full 24 hours before you can perform any workout activity. After a Whole Body Cryotherapy session, users can exercise immediately after and in fact, movement is recommended! With an increased energy level, endorphin release, and increased blood circulation, users find themselves more awake and focused. 

Other various benefits from Cryotherapy which users will not find in an ice bath are improved skin health, an increase in collagen production, an increase in hemoglobin, and the list goes on. Compare spending just 3 minutes with a Cryo Specialist guiding you through the process to 20 minutes in ice cold water and there is no question which one I'd rather do! Cryotherapy!

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